Savoury Flourish . In Black and White

Indigenous to India, pepper is the oldest and best known spice in the world. A perennial vine’s fruit, ripe pepper berries which look a luscious red, are handpicked. Then sun – dried. This  makes pepper change colour to black, or to dark brown . It’s peeled and dried, to make White pepper. Though white, it’s never less in pep. Highly aromatic and hot , pepper is the life behind many a dish And soups and starters for that matter. Interestingly, pepper is more than flavor. It activates digestion . And has medicinal properties too. Collected carefully from source, Kishor Spices brings you pure pepper . in 5 varieties.

  • Garbled Malabar pepper (MG1)
  • Ungarbled Malabar Pepper ( MUG, FAQ)
  • Tellicherry Garbled Black Pepper ( TGEB, TGSEB)
  • Pin Heads / Black Pepper
  • White pepper

Pepper is a good flavourant for canned foods. There’s nothing like a dash of pepper in clear soups, cream , cheese dips and the like.



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