A Flavoursome Treat

Ginger has widely been in use in India and China, from very ancient times. Small wonder , it’s the earliest of all spices to be introduced in Europe. Hot and penetrating, ginger is slightly biting too. It is the freshly dried,
powdered or pureed rhizome of a perennial herb,. All over the world, ginger finds a winder use in foods, beverages,preservatives, medicines and perfumery.Kishor Spices brings you quality ginger,obtained right from the
source,in two varieties:

  • Cochin Ginger Rough Washed Unbleached NUGC Special (Big Pieces)
  • Cochin Ginger Rough Washed Unbleached NUGC Good (Small Pieces)

Every from of ginger – fresh, dried, picked, preserved in syrup, powdered, crystalloid has been used since time immemorial. If some call it a tastemaker, others call it a flavourant, Yet some others use ginger as an appetizer. Ginger has always meant many things to people.

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